These materials have been designed exclusively for children aged 4-5 years, with a range of abilities in mind. If you are part of a mixed Reception class, or there is more than one Reception teacher within your setting, please ensure each teacher receives the correct number of packs.

Contact us if you don't have enough packs in your delivery.


All practitioners will be expected to support the programme to achieve its intended outcomes and use it as a valuable resource when planning their literacy and numeracy sessions. The programme provides an excellent opportunity to engage parents in their child’s learning, creating a strong school-home link partnership.

The programme provides sets of resources that will be delivered to schools, to be used by the Reception teacher in the classroom environment and to be taken home for parents to use with their child at home.

Term 1

Rhyme Challenge – a set of rhyme sheets consisting of five English rhymes and five Welsh rhymes, with certificates for children when they complete the challenge, which is to be able to learn and repeat the rhymes!


My Weather Watch Calendar – this is a family activity for the autumn half term break. Recording different types of weather will help children to develop their maths skills in the early years.

Term 2

Boomerang Book Bags - a set of book bags for children to take turns with at home, including a magazine for each child to keep.


Hide and Sheep cards - each child will receive a set of Hide and Sheep cards to take home. There are lots of fun games to play with the cards both in the classroom and at home.

Term 3

My Book – a unique high quality resource giving the learners the opportunity to create their own book to keep.

The Unicorn's Challenge magazine – the fun activities in the magazine are linked to the Foundation Phase and created to be used with your child at the end of their Reception year. They encourage your child to speak, listen and make decisions.

Overall aim:

The aim is to raise standards in literacy and numeracy, supporting the following Foundation Phase areas of learning: language, literature and communication skills, including numbers (mathematical development), personal and social development and well-being and cultural diversity.

Intended outcomes

Increases and/or improves:

  • the quality time that families spend together
  • attitudes by parents/carers to reading and books (for themselves and their child)
  • the number of rhymes known – parents/carers and children
  • parental confidence around sharing books, stories and rhymes
  • parental confidence around being a partner in their child’s learning over time.


Each element is supported by teacher guidance and toolkits and our Schools Engagement Manager is delivering training across Wales to share information and best practise. Contact us if you have questions and you may also find help in our Frequently Asked Questions.

We hope you and your learners enjoy taking part in the programme and look forward to hearing your feedback.  

This term's resources for Schools

A guidance and information sheet for the additional ten Rhyme Challenge rhymes. Learning rhymes plays an important role in helping children develop skills and confidence with language.

This term we have an additional ten rhymes for your class to enjoy. Five in English and five in Welsh.

Come and celebrate The Rhyme Challenge with us!
Template poster with English and Welsh text


Audio recordings of the Rhyme Challenge rhymes to use alongside your Rhyme Challenge rhyme sheets.

Numeracy resources

This is a family activity for the autumn half term break. Recording different types of weather will help children to develop their maths skills in the early years.


This booklet includes:

  • weather record sheet
  • summary sheet
  • certificate

Additional resources

Enjoy clicking through the interactive toolkits to find activities to support your Pori Drwy Stori resources.


These toolkits aim to help you engage children and families with fun lessons as we understand that children progress far better in school when their parents or carers are actively engaged in supporting their learning at home.

Watch this video to find out how the Pori Drwy Stori programme is making a difference both  at school and at home.

The Welsh Government's Education Begins at Home group provides information on how you can support your child at home and help their performance in school. Follow the group on Facebook.