Pori Drwy Stori is a Foundation Phase programme, which presents great opportunities to build links between families, schools and libraries.


Funded by the Welsh Government to support literacy in the Foundation Phase, Pori Drwy Stori launched in October 2012. The programme has been designed and delivered by Book Trust Cymru, with the guidance of teachers, librarians and literacy specialists. Pori Drwy Stori aims to raise standards in literacy and increase engagement of parents and carers through local partnerships. Children entering Reception in maintained schools will be able to participate in the programme.

Pori Drwy Stori will provide materials for schools and families, all of which are available in English and Welsh. The Rhyme Challenge is based around learning and reciting rhymes and early poetry. The Boomerang Book Bags include two lovely picture books, one in Welsh and the other in English to enjoy in class and at home, and My Book gives each child the chance to create their own book to keep. The specially developed Numeracy resources are designed to support the requirements of the National Literacy and Numeracy framework


Opportunities to work with local schools through Pori Drwy Stori include:


  • Holding a rhyme performance in the library to celebrate the children completing The Rhyme Challenge, inviting parents and carers to attend
  • Working with schools to arrange a reading of the Boomerang Books at the library, again inviting parents and carers
  • Developing a session for schools based on exploring different genres, to give children lots of ideas for creating their own book
  • Sending a book list to schools for teachers, or photocopying it to give to parents, recommending other titles linked to Pori Drwy Stori such as poetry and rhymes or other books by the Boomerang authors.

This term's resources for Librarians

Each child receives a copy of this fun activity magazine to share with parents and carers at home.

Introduce the Boomerang Book Bags to parents and carers with this colourful presentation, which includes information about the benefits of sharing stories and some top tips for families.

Numeracy resources

The full set of Hide n Sheep cards in case you want to print out an extra set for your class

This set of 9 videos shows lots of different ways that the Hide and Sheep resource can be used, both in and out of the classroom

Additional resources

Enjoy clicking through the interactive toolkits to find activities to support your Pori Drwy Stori resources.


These toolkits aim to help you engage children and families with fun lessons as we understand that children progress far better in school when their parents or carers are actively engaged in supporting their learning at home.

Watch this video to find out how the Pori Drwy Stori programme is making a difference both  at school and at home.

A booklet filled with tips and information to help you support your child's reading at home.

The Welsh Government's Education Begins at Home group provides information on how you can support your child at home and help their performance in school. Follow the group on Facebook.