Practitioner toolkits

Enjoy clicking through the interactive toolkits to find activities to support you in engaging children and families with the Pori Drwy Stori resources.


Boomerang bag toolkitBoomerang Book Bags toolkit

Every Reception class in Wales will receive a set of book bags for children to take turns with at home.

Inside each bag are two fantastic picture books, one in Welsh and one in English. The bags go home with a different child each week and each child in the class also receives their own magazine to complete at home and keep.

Activities in our teacher toolkit develop outcomes of the Literacy and Numeracy Framework using the approaches of the Foundation Phase. The toolkit also suggests ways that teachers can share the bags so that children really enjoy reading the books and the magazine at home and in school.


Download the Boomerang Bag toolkit



My Book practitioner toolkitMy Book toolkit

Every child in your Reception class will receive a copy of the My Book resource designed to develop pupils' skills in mark making and writing and to make your class feel like real authors.

This toolkit is packed with fun ideas for lessons and activities using the My Book resource, and they are inspired by teachers from across Wales.

Activities can be easily adapted to suit your pupils, especially when it comes to the level of writing expected. Many of the activities involve a lot of oracy work, using speaking and listening work as a starting point to get pupils talking about and sharing ideas for their My Book before writing and mark making.

We have included suggestions in the toolkit for using My Book to link to activities at home and helping to develop a home-school link. Some schools have successfully engaged parents / carers in Pori Drwy Stori in lots of ways.


We have included a letter template in this toolkit to help send messages home.


Download the interactive My Book practitioner toolkit.


Download the editable letter to parents template (Word doc)




Hide and Sheep toolkitThe Hide and Sheep toolkit

The Hide and Sheep toolkit is packed with fun ideas for lessons in the classroom using the Hide and Sheep numeracy resource, as well as some activities you can encourage families to do at home.


We have designed the activities to help teachers use Hide and Sheep to embed numeracy into their teaching in line with the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework. They also create fun learning opportunities! Pori Drwy Stori is designed to help families get involved in their children’s learning.

The interactive toolkit is broken down into three sections:1. Getting Ready: tips on how to get started with the Hide and Sheep resources. 2. Hide and Sheep activities: activity ideas and lesson plans. 3. Celebrating: suggestions on how to review the term and celebrate your successes!


Download the interactive Hide and Sheep practitioner toolkit.


Download the editable letter to parents template (Word doc)


Watch videos to see how the Hide and Sheep resource can be used in the classroom



The Rhyme Challenge and Weather Watch toolkitThe Rhyme Challenge and Weather Watch Calendar toolkit

This toolkit aims to help you engage children and families with fun lessons as we understand that that children progress far better in school when their parents or carers are actively engaged in supporting their learning at home.


The first couple of pages consist of tips on how to prepare your term with the resources in mind, and then the remainder of the toolkit is full with creative classroom lessons or home activities based on The Rhyme Challenge and the Weather Watch Calendar for you to coordinate.


Don't' forget to read the section with ideas on how to celebrate all things Pori Drwy Stori for when it's time to bring the term to an end!


At the very end of the toolkit there is a handy letter template to be used when sending letters home relating to Pori Drwy Stori; it has space in the middle so you can either type in or write in your own words.

 Download The Rhyme Challenge and Weather Watch practitioner toolkit.


Download the editable letter to parents template (Word doc)


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